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Linkers that enjoy a good chuckle might like my latest posting that
starts .

Ho Hum, Sweden Passes new anti File Sharing Legislation. 
on April 3, 2009 10:12PM (EST) 

Prologue Fairy Story..... 
Imagine how you would feel after spending a fortune in election fees,
lobbying fees, legal fees, private eye investigator fees, advertising
and in the process of doing so, accidently giving your stated enemy, the
key to Fort Knox, a free pass to remove as much loot as they liked and
too boot, the mindset of all of your customers so that the customers
would want to carry all the gold away to be deposited in the pirate
coves secret enemy stronghold, the infamous, tri-homed, impregnable EPG.

But if you were the Content Industry, you would feel like you had won a
great victory when the Swedish Government this week finally passed the
anti-piracy legislation.

And Internet traffic in Sweden Plunged 30% downwards
nymity-fades-traffic-plunges.ars>  overnight.

The rest may be found here...


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