[LINK] you know your os is dead when....

Jan Whitaker jwhit at janwhitaker.com
Sat Apr 4 11:22:56 AEDT 2009

...a state legislature is required to allow it.

CWmike writes "The Texas state Senate yesterday gave preliminary 
approval to a state budget that includes a provision forbidding 
government agencies from upgrading to Windows Vista without written 
consent of the legislature. Sen. Juan Hinojosa, vice chairman of the 
Finance Committee, proposed the rider because 'of the many reports of 
problems with Vista ... We are not in any way, shape or form trying 
to pick on Microsoft, but the problems with this particular 
[operating] system are known nationwide,' Hinojosa said during a 
Senate session debating the rider (starting at 4:42 of this RealMedia 
video stream). 'And the XP operating system is working very well.' A 
Microsoft spokeswoman said in response, 'We're surprised that the 
Texas Senate Finance Committee adopted a rider which, in effect, 
singles out a specific corporation and product for unequal treatment. 
We hope as the budget continues to go through the process, this 
language will be removed.'"


Finally, someone in an elected position who understands IT!! Can we 
convince Juan to move to Australia and nominate him for Minister Con's job?


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