[LINK] iPhones, Skype and Net Neutrality

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Sun Apr 5 21:48:16 AEST 2009

On 2009/Apr/05, at 1:24 PM, Ivan Trundle wrote:
> Using skype on my iPhone (both wifi AND 3G) works just fine after the
> jailbreak fix (voipover3g), and is worthwhile with the data pack that
> I have presently: for almost all calls. Not so good for my skypein
> number though, since running skype in the background (again, via
> another jailbreak hack) drains the battery too quickly for my liking.

Being as your iPhone probably doesn't have a firewall, skype might  
well make you a supernode and that could get a little more expensive,  
not to mention slow the phone down.  I wonder how long before more  
phone companies starts doing DPI and banning skype and VOIP.

> Sent from my iPhone
> On 05/04/2009, at 6:18 PM, Chris Maltby <chris at sw.oz.au> wrote:
>>>> On 04/04/2009, at 8:27 PM, Kim Holburn wrote:
>>>>> So you can get skype for free apparently on your iPhone, at least
>>>>> in
>>>>> the US.  But there's a catch, you can only use it on a wifi LAN,
>>>>> not
>>>>> on the wireless data network, 3G or whatever.
>>> Ivan Trundle wrote:
>>>> Not so. Skype for iPhone has been downloaded over 2 million times
>>>> since it was placed on the app store (a record?).
>>>> And there is no catch for a jailbroken iPhone: a tiny download  
>>>> fixes
>>>> it instantly.
>> On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 05:49:50PM +1000, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>>> The catch is that it only use the iPhone WiFi connection, not the
>>> cellular
>>> connection.
>> It's not clear that you'd want to use skype over the mobile network's
>> data channel as the data charges would be higher than the equivalent
>> voice charges.
>> Chris
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