[LINK] Filtering, throttling of ISPs

rene rene.lk at libertus.net
Mon Apr 6 19:20:34 AEST 2009

On Mon, 06 Apr 2009 08:23:15 +1000, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

> Danny Yee wrote:
>> Unless I'm mistaken, the Cleenfeed Canada scheme is also
>> _voluntary_. ISPs are not legally required to participate and not
>> all do. http://www.cybertip.ca/app/en/cleanfeed
> <snip>
> According to Associate Professor Bjorn Landfeldt. The CleanFeed
> was/is the British Telecom's corporate feed (complying with that
> organisation's corporate policies) that is now being discussed in a
> wider context.
> <http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/02/07/bt_cleanfeed_iwf/>

FWIW, as at March 2006, "Cleanfeed" was and may still be a trademark of the 
THUS group of companies (one of which is U.K. Demon ISP) and described an 
entirely *voluntary* content filtering service offered to the public which 
used to be at: 
which apparently ceased to exist some time in early 2008:

Trademark info comes from endnote at:
and I have also seen Clive Feather, of Demon Internet, say the same on one 
or more mailing lists.

BT's filtering system, which became operative in mid 2004, is often 
referred to as 'BT Cleanfeed', however its correct name is 'BT Anti Child 
Abuse Initiative'. 


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