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On Tue, 7 Apr 2009, Eric Scheid wrote:

> On 7/4/09 12:44 PM, "Tom Worthington" <Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au> wrote:
>> However, developments with broadband technology,
>> particularly wireless broadband, may make the
>> system obsolete before it is built. This may save
>> the government from embarrassment by allowing the
>> new technology to meet many of the stated goals,
>> without the planned system ever being built.
> I'm seeing tweets to the effect that it being FTTH (vs FTTN) means the speed
> can be increased very easily just by upgrading the end boxes. Laying fibre
> is expensive, upgrading boxes is trivial, or so I hear.
> Comments?

Digging and securing trenches is difficult.    I reckon once 
the trenches are dug, a surplus of Dark Fibre should be installed 
which  can be aggregated upon regardless of future improvements in
fibre tech.   And if the Dark Fibre is ultimately never used, the trenches 
should be constructed in such a way as to allow the whole lot to be pulled 
and recabled elegantly.

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