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> > Market analysts say broadband prices are likely to rise, after the 
> > Government unveiled an amibitious new $43 billion plan to 
> build a national fibre-to-the-home broadband network.
> ...
> > But analysts are astonished at the upfront cost and say they have 
> > concerns about the network's commercial viability.
> > 
> > "I've got no idea what's driving the Government to do this," Ivor 
> > Ries, an analyst with EL and C Baillieu Stockbroking, says.
> > 
> > "They're saying a network that will deliver 100 megabits 
> per second, 
> > that would exceed current household consumption by a factor 
> of 100 times

I don't see how $43 billion is a problem.

Foxtel has 2.7 million subscribers at $100 per month each. 
Yet last year they posted a 1.3 billion Gross.

The subscribers will no doubt leave by September 2011 see graphic at end
of story -
FTA will no doubt completly change their format to community based
happenings and news via a p2p delivery model.
And advertisers will sponsor rather than try to interupt program stream.

If 220,000 Sydneyites can pay for the M5/M2/M7 etc in only three years -
I don't see the problem with paying for the NBN within 5.

i.e.: The cost for Sydney Western Suburb residents to get into the City
is 21 dollars per day tolls
i.e.: M7 M2 Ryde Tunnel and then Bridge

Let me break it down for you folks..... 220,000 cars @ 21$ per day =
1,686,300,000 so its only 1/800th of our GDP (PPP).

Put like that - Western Surburb sydney residents will have the NBN FTTH
paid for in no time at all...... If we can just get rid of those damn

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