Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Tue Apr 7 23:21:56 AEST 2009

Paul Brooks wrote:
> George Bray wrote:
>> So what *are* the capacity/distance properties of today's FTTP fibre
>> systems?  Paul? Richard?
> For *tomorrows* FTTP systems, there is labwork being done on WDM-PON - 
> where the fibre is still split 32 ways up to 64 ways in the middle of 
> the physical cable network, however in some implementations every 
> endpoint gets a dedicated wavelength, with the 32 or 64 wavelengths 
> being sent from the head-end.
> This effectively takes out all the sharing aspects - every customer gets 
> a dedicated gigabit or even 10Gig optical path direct from the head-end 
> to their premise! (drool).
Apologies - I meant to include the following link, which covers the 
various options for today and being worked on for the future reasonably 



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