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Wed Apr 8 12:08:22 AEST 2009

On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 at 23:21:56 +1000 Paul Brooks wrote:
>> For *tomorrows* FTTP systems, there is labwork being done on WDM-PON - 
>> where the fibre is still split 32 ways up to 64 ways in the middle of 
>> the physical cable network, however in some implementations every 
>> endpoint gets a dedicated wavelength, with the 32 or 64 wavelengths 
>> being sent from the head-end.
>> This effectively takes out all the sharing aspects - every customer gets 
>> a dedicated gigabit or even 10Gig optical path direct from the head-end 
>> to their premise! (drool).
> Apologies - I meant to include the following link, which covers the 
> various options for today and being worked on for the future reasonably 
> comprehensively:
> http://fibresystems.org/cws/article/magazine/37083
 From the article:
> The high cost of WDM-PON equipment is still a major stumbling block to 
> widespread deployment
What are the costs in establishing a fibre network? I'd have though that 
labour would be far more costly than any hardware.

> a hybrid TDM/WDM system can be implemented, with each wavelength being 
> used to feed a GPON or EPON. Using 32 wavelengths and 1:64 split-ratio 
> GPONs it would be possible to serve more than 2000 end-users. 
We have the technology, or so it seems. The question is whether we're 
prepared to pay for it.

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