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Wed Apr 8 00:31:45 AEST 2009

One thing that has not been mentioned yet is that this is 
an opportunity to provision from ground up, a next generation IPV6 network
which would surely be the only suitable way to manage the new 
infrastructure.    Hopefully some clever person will make this part 
of the deliverables in the core specifications.

Also, living and working in the university sector, I would hope that 
the new network is also focused around these technologically hot 
areas and the surrounding precincts of the unis and other public 
workspaces benefit through subsidies, especially for knowledge workers,
which is in fact what the network is supposed to be fostering.

Unlike Munchkin^H^H^H^H^H^H^HMinchin, I don't see why the thing 
needs to demonstrate a profit, at least not right away.  That's
a typical conservative mindset.   The social benefits will be 
much bigger.

In the end though, however much a supporter I am of the project,
$46B would also help a good many aborigines and marginalised 
members of society and USD150M is enough to revive the Aral Sea.


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