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Martin Barry wrote:
> This will have far reaching effects into other areas.
>> In the end though, however much a supporter I am of the project,
>> $46B would also help a good many aborigines and marginalised 
>> members of society and USD150M is enough to revive the Aral Sea.
> A friend opined that it would be better spent on homeless people.
and aged care... it does matter where the dollars do go and the assumptions you 

For example, the open source vs closed source or wireless 
home/school/playground/library access vs fixed cable access in schools.

And for another take:
> Ambedkar Community Computing Center (AC3) is a centre set up in the slum area of Sudharshan Layout by members of Ambedkar Youth Sanga, Stree Jagruthi Samithi (a women's organization fighting for women's rights and child rights, for increasing the wages of house maids, et cetra), volunteers from AID (Association for India's Development) and by volunteers of the free software movement.

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