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On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 19:14 +1000, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> >The smart way of course would be to have the ONT act as a home gateway.
> So what would the GE Firewall/NAT cost?

If they have any sense at all, given that we are looking three to eight
years down the track, they will make sure that the network is built on
IPv6, NOT on IPv4.

- no need for NAT
- pretty much the same "firewall" functionality will work with IPv6 too
- a very simple packet filter to block ingress by default
- all CPE these days has DHCPv4 in it, just put DHCPv6 in them instead
- means you DON'T have to distribute /64s
- but /64s are OK. An ISP with a /32 can distribute 4 billion /64s...
- or distribute /112 instead (16 bits = 65536 addresses)
- or even /96 - the Internet in a box!
- by that time IPv4 will be well and truly exhausted

Just a thought...

Regards, K.

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