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At 06:32 PM 8/04/2009, Barrie Hall wrote:

>>Does anyone know what the CPE cost will be/is now for fibre connectivity?
>Thats always a bit grey in an FTTP/FTTH context. The ONT usually 
>presents a 100Mb/s bridged ethernet interface to the home. Meaning 
>that the "CPE" is the ONT (owned by the carrier).
>My *guess* is that this will evolve into a bridged GE interface 
>presented to the home. At this interface I would expect to see the 
>end user to purchase a GE firewall/NAT device.
>The smart way of course would be to have the ONT act as a home gateway.

So what would the GE Firewall/NAT cost? Or are you suggesting that 
there would be a connector provided just for a smart router of some 
sort in the 'smart way' option?



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