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At 09:17 AM 11/04/2009, Phillip Musumeci wrote:
>or maybe all TV becomes a personal

That sets up an interesting shift. I suspect 'personal tv' is already 
happening to some degree: commercial DVD sales of tv series, 
timeshifting, and torrent distributions. I have friends who have many 
of the US TV series that have already aired there that we won't see 
here for a couple years, and the networks here consistently provide 
reruns when there is new product available. On the movie side, from 
what I've heard from folks, Netflix is a major distribution channel 
there. Net TV is already happening, but still can eat up data quotas 
quickly here. Frankly, I'd pay the higher price if the speed of 
download matched, but paying just for more data quota without the 
speed doesn't attract me as a middle-of-the-road net user, for media at least.


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