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> The first reaction many people have to Twitter is befuddlement. Why  
> would they want to read short messages about what someone ate for  
> breakfast?

> But taken collectively, the stream of messages can turn Twitter into  
> a surprisingly useful tool for solving problems and providing  
> insights into the digital mood. By tapping into the world’s  
> collective brain, researchers of all kinds have found that if they  
> make the effort to dig through the mundane comments, the live  
> conversations offer an early glimpse into public sentiment — and  
> even help them shape it.
> Companies like Starbucks, Whole Foods and Dell can see what their  
> customers are thinking as they use a product, and the companies can  
> adapt their marketing accordingly. Last week in Moldova, protesters  
> used Twitter as a rallying tool while outsiders peered at their  
> tweets to help them understand what was happening in that little- 
> known country.

> Already doctors use Twitter to ask for help and share information  
> about procedures. At Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, surgeons and  
> residents twittered throughout a recent operation to remove a brain  
> tumor from a 47-year-old man who has seizures.

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