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Truth in online advertising?

Ansearch brings equality to clicks
by Natalie Apostolou, 15th April 2009 


Ansearch has launched a new proprietary search advertising system, which 
aims to eradicate click fraud by publishers and supply a clean and 
qualified feed to the online advertising community. 

Positioned as an Australian first, the AdFeedEngine, has been launched 
via the company’s Searchworld division. 

The first phase of the AdFeedEngine platform was introduced into the 
Searchworld network during March and will be unveiled globally next week 
at Ad:Tech in San Francisco. 

The service measures, controls the volume, quality and source of incoming 
traffic received by advertising distribution partners and was developed 
in response to a growing demand from advertisers and publisher partner’s 
for higher quality search advertising results.] 

The platform is fully integrated with Click Forensics technology which  
continuously identifies and filters sources of click fraud and low 
converting bad traffic for advertisers.

Ansearch CEO David Burden said the demand for qualified, quality traffic 
is growing particularly as advertisers are paying significant dollars for 
clicks that convert to customer acquisition. “The Tier 1 and 2 search 
engines are pushing for quality and we are taking the bull the horns to 
only deliver quality traffic.” 

He added, “publishers are not always honest about the sources of their 
click throughs which are not always generated by a human. We are creating 
a fraud prevention platform that serves targeted outbound advertising 
feeds to our network of publishers based on their quality of click 
traffic while also controlling the relevance of inbound click traffic 
delivered to our search advertising supplier partners.” 


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