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Apologies if Glen has emailed re EVO already ..

EVO: A new communication and collaboration tool for researchers


The Australian Research Collaboration Service 
(ARCS) with the support of AARNet recently 
launched a cutting-edge communications tool 
called EVO (Enabling Virtual Organisations) 
that has been designed for use by the 
education and research sectors. Connected 
to their backbone AARNet initially installed 
two EVO servers and is in the process of 
installing another two servers to assist ARCS 
in providing researchers with this robust and 
reliable video collaboration system.

EVO is the only Desktop Video Conferencing 
system that can be run on Windows, Macintosh 
and Linux operating systems. The new service 
provides video conferencing, fle sharing, instant 
messaging, desktop sharing, whiteboard and 
provides telephone bridge access, at a local call 
rate from anywhere in Australia.

EVO provides a one-to-one, one-to-many 
or many-to-one video conferencing system 
that makes it highly adaptable for many 
requirements. It runs on the average desktop, 
turning PCs into video conference systems.

With increasing demands to reduce our impact 
on the environment, EVO enables companies 
and individuals to reduce their impact on 
the environment and their travel costs by 
enabling researchers at different locations to 
communicate face-to-face without having to 
leave their desks. 

A number of research organisations have adopted 
EVO as a preferred collaboration tool to connect 
to other research colleagues including IMOS, 
AUSCOPE, Square Kilometre Array, ANDS and 
many other project groups.

At this stage, approximately 30 researchers at 
Monash are using EVO on a regular basis within 
their pilot program creating real time collaboration 
between internal and external researchers. 

Users communicate from their own PC, making 
the system almost as convenient as using 
a telephone, but with the added ability to 
connect more than two people ...

To sign up for a free EVO account, simply log  
on to www.arcs.org.au (The use of ARCS Services
and Tools are free of charge to the Australian
research community, unless specified otherwise.)


Also .. one Gigabit/second .. seriously fast ..

AARNet-K12: A National Network of ‘Well Connected’ Schools

AARNet is continuing its engagement with a 
range of schools, and special education content 
providers across Australia to bring together a 
national network of ‘Well connected’ schools; the 
frst of its kind in Australia.  Another six schools
in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania 
will connect to AARNet via fbre optic cable at a 
speed of 1 Gigabit per second ..



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