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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sat Apr 18 00:44:11 AEST 2009

Politicians and the folks from the press would have you believe that P2P
is illegal.
It isn't.

As an analogy, let me talk about Bonnie and Clyde.
When the audacious pair were finally apprehended, did the law make a big
announcement about the 1932 Pierce-Arrow
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierce-Arrow>  they were driving ? Nope
had nothing to do with their escapades. Yep it was fast. Yep it had four
wheels and a motor. Yes it was used as the getaway car in over 50 bank
heists. But the police failed to arrest Herbert M. Dawley (the cars
designer) as an accessory - because his car facilitated bank robbery
Yet their escapades are long remembered and have entered the English
language as a shortcut  analogy for reporters to use in describing
vagabond criminal adventurers
tal/2009/4/17/203214> . 

Sort of like - illegal file sharing has entered our language as P2P.

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