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> Call for Nominations
> The Internet Society (ISOC) announces a call for nominations for the  
> 2009 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award. This annual award is presented  
> to an individual or an organization that has made outstanding  
> contributions in service to the data communications community. 

Occurs to me that Geoff Huston would be a fine, & certainly deserving,
Australian nomination for the ISOC Postel Service Award for this year.

Here are the past winners: www.isoc.org/awards/postel/awards.shtml and
Geoff would appear right there, with equal if not better contributions.

One guesses that Link would make a fine platform to begin a nomination.

For example,

"Geoff Huston is the Chief Scientist at the Asia Pacific Network 
Information Centre, with active research interests in routing and 
addressing, network architecture, quality of service and network 
management and operations. He is an active member of the IETF, and 
currently chairs three working groups concerned with Routing Security, 
Routing Operations and IPv6 Multihoming. He has been a member of the 
Internet Architecture board from 1999 until 2005. He has been involved 
with the Internet since the late 1980's, and was AARNet's initial 
employee as the Network Technical Manager." 


"Geoff Huston has been working in the Internet for ages. He started up 
the Australian Academic and Research Network a couple of eons ago and was 
given a 10 year sentence to toil in the underground bunkers at Telstra as 
a result. Upon his release he has been working as APNIC's Chief 
Scientist. He's been around Internet organizations a fair bit, having 
been on the Internet Architecture Board, on the Board of Trustees of the 
Internet Society, and currently he co-chairs a couple of IETF working 
groups on BGP security and IPv6 multi-homing. He writes a bit, plays with 
routing a bit and sometimes talks a bit about all the other bits."


and (etc, etc)


> This year the award will be presented at the 75th Internet Engineering  
> Task Force (IETF) meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, on July 26-31, 2009.   
> The award includes a presentation crystal and a prize of USD 20,000.  
> The Internet Society requests nominations of qualified candidates. The  
> deadline for nominations is 29 May 2009.
> About the Award
> The Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was established by the Internet  
> Society to honor a person who has made outstanding contributions in  
> service to the data communications community. The award is focused on  
> sustained and substantial technical contributions, service to the  
> community, and leadership.  With respect to leadership, the committee  
> places particular emphasis on candidates who have supported and  
> enabled others in addition to their own specific actions.
> The award is named for Dr. Jonathan B. Postel to recognize and  
> commemorate the extraordinary stewardship exercised by Jon over the  
> course of a thirty year career in networking. He served as the editor  
> of the RFC series of notes from its inception in 1969 until 1998. He  
> also served as the ARPANET "numbers Czar" and Internet Assigned  
> Numbers Authority over the same period of time. He was a founding  
> member of the Internet Architecture (nee Activities) Board and the  
> first individual member of the Internet Society, where he also served  
> as a Trustee. For additional information on Jon Postel's life and  
> contributions, please visit www.isoc.org/postel/.
> Award Nomination Procedure
> The nominee does not need to be a member of ISOC. Nominate via email  
> to postel2009 at isoc.org and include the following details:
>   1. Name and Email address of nominee
>   2. CV/Bio of nominee
>   3. Statement of recommendation including specific acts, works,  
> contributions, and other criteria that would show the nominee to fit  
> the standard set by Jon Postel. It should be clear from your statement  
> that your nominee has performed in this manner over a long period of  
> time, not simply that the nominee has done several significant things  
> in the area of data communications and the Internet. Please include  
> corroborating references with their name, email address, and telephone  
> number. Conclude with your postal address, ISOC member number, and  
> telephone number as well as the postal address, telephone and fax  
> number of the nominee.
> Thank you in advance for your support,
> The Jonathan B. Postel Service Award 2009 Nominating Committee
> For more information and criteria, see http://www.isoc.org/awards/

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