[LINK] Koltai Hypothesis - That P2P can be a legal option to Foxtel.

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sun Apr 19 01:24:58 AEST 2009

The Real Value Of Time-Shifted Content 

Or Foxtel Continues Ignoring the Facts
A few weeks ago I pointed out that P2P pushback was no doubt partially
caused by an over-abundance of adverts in Australian cable TV, 
To illustrate my hypothesis, I analysed a popular show - "Terminator -
The Sarah Connor Chronicles" series currently running on Foxtel.
In the first episode I analyzed, the program had 22 adverts. The second
had 21 and this weeks episode had 23.

So I thought I would break it down so that even network executives, the
public and possibly even judges awarding damages in law suits about
copying movies could understand how ridiculous some of these damages
awards have been in recent content infringement cases - where the
content is purely for personal consumption and not for resale at a
market stall.
The Episode I am analyzing hereunder was aired on Foxtel Channel 108 at
8:30 pm 17th Apr 2009
Series 2, Episode 6. "The Tower is Tall, but the fall is short".
The program had 23 adverts including community service advertisements.
There were three groups of multiple adverts with the addition of a lone
straggler,  the Nissan advertisement at minute 19, which was obviously
the premium advert of the program preceded by the voice-over leader
"Don't go away, your show will be back in thirty seconds."

And of course Tables and other (plain text) unprintable objects are in
the article that is here -->>

Punchline - Foxtel content is worth around 4 cents per hour and my
leisure time is worth $12.00 per hour - therefore P2P is offset by
Foxtel contract breaching 1998 subscription contracts and advertising
statements (about no advertising on Foxtel). 
They are of course exempt from (the 3 year limitation) Trade Practices
action for truth in advertising breaches, and also under the under the
six year, civil litigation "rules of engagement".

But they are sure guilty of misleading up to 1/3 of the Australian
population over the last ten years.

And the total damages ladies and gentlemen is equal to one quarter of
the cost (in terms of cpi annually adjusted dollar parity) of the
Governments new FTTH-NBN.
>From memory - Telstra is a fifty percent shareholder.......

Now that should ensure a lively debate.....

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