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esocid writes "Back in 2005, the MPAA hired Robert Anderson, a former 
associate of TorrentSpy's owner, to illegally obtain internal emails 
and trade secrets. He did so by routing the email from the internal 
server to his own Gmail account. He subsequently sold 34 pages of 
stolen information for $15,000 to the MPAA. TorrentSpy owner Justin 
Bunnel sued them for spying, but lost the case due to a ruling that 
stated it was not illegal since the information was not intercepted 
under the Wiretap Act. The EFF called this decision a 'dangerous 
attempt to circumvent privacy laws,' since it implies that the 
unauthorized interception of anyone's personal email is legal. The 
appeal could have ramifications for MPAA president Dan Glickman, as 
the decision is expected around the time of his contract renewal."

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