[LINK] A wildly off-topic and doubtless already-done conversation about words (was Re: Smartcard mooted for federal welfare payments)

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Tue Apr 21 12:25:14 AEST 2009

On 21/04/2009, at 11:50 AM, Stilgherrian wrote:

> Interestingly, I've always preferred to use "client" rather than
> "customer" for the people I extract money from.

A real estate agent I once bought a house through told me that I was  
his customer and the vendor was his client.
(I was making some snide comment about my interests not intersecting  
with his)
I thought it was an interesting distinction, and I've adopted the  
People who hire me for webdev or seo are my clients; those who visit  
my websites (or my clients' websites) are my customers.
I like the distinction.
Not that it makes any difference - they both get 110% :)

Not sure how that works for centrelink, though.

Lea de Groot

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