[LINK] Lets Talk about P2P Damages, Coffee and Bulldust

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Apr 21 16:37:19 AEST 2009

Or - The Hedonic Value differentiation between file sharing and cinema

Last Friday in a Swedish Court, the four "pirates" were awarded four
years of jail time and financial damages against them (for running a
Google search engine) of over three million dollars.

In February three Thai CD Pirates were handed out jail sentences under a
year each and fined $14,200 each for pressing 306 CD-Roms per minute of
pirated content for the last three years and selling them into the
black-markets as originals . (See references below)

In other words for distributing over thirty million pirated CD's these
Thailand based pirates got a sentence that looks like a joke when
compared to the Pirate Bay lads - who essentially, let me repeat myself
- ran a SEARCH engine.

Of course this inequality in sentencing is essentially the PR machine at
work to justify the passing of legislation designed to curtail human
basic rights. (ACTA)

Article is here -->

Article conclusion is that the Hedonic value of movie attendance far
outweighs the value of downloading files for free and rising movie
attendances prove that premise.

And - Hollywood cant tell the difference between instant coffee and

Actually - sometimes - neither can I.


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