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Tue Apr 21 22:13:11 AEST 2009

About Creditgate

What do we do?
We are a Credit Reporting Agency, providing you with independent, D.I.Y.
24/7 access to our database, via our exclusive windows based program
Credit Risk Manager.

Through this program you can;

•  Access Instant Credit Checks    
  - while your customers wait

•  List Current Debtors/Accounts

•  List Bad Debtors/Defaults 

   (as often as you need)

•  List Dishonoured Cheques

•  List Court Judgments &

•  Bankruptcy Orders
 Why you should consider using this service?

‘Secure your Income’
Research shows us that in this current climate of ever increasing prices 
that we are now paying for Groceries and Fuel and the unstable Interest 
Rates, the occurrence of individuals defaulting on credit arrangements is 
growing fast.

By joining our service you are playing a vital part in building a strong, 
accurate, secure and up-to-date network to help protect not only your 
business but other local businesses as well.

What are the benefits of this service to its Members?

‘Peace of Mind’

This service will assist local small business by networking together and 
help to reduce the risk of bad debts while establishing safer account 
management systems. 

By using our Customer Credit Application Form, which notifies customers 
that they will be listed if they default and by placing signage in your  
office noting that all unpaid accounts will be listed with a credit 
reporting agency you may deter potential serial defaulters on the spot.



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