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> >I urge the Government to include Biometrics as the SOLE 
> source of card 
> >actualisation.
> Tom, in the following, I'm not disputing your argument about the 
> physical risks confronting the weaker partners in remote households 
> (almost all females).
> But awarding a free-kick to the diabolically unreliable biometrics 
> sales force out there is not a good idea either.

Roger, I am like-minded about the free-kick - but to be quite honest -
Biometrics is not one of my competencies.

I was only thinking how in areas like Boorooloola or Daly River or Three
Ways (and almost all points between - including the Dolphin Hotel -
across the road from the Bagot Road Reserve) the fortnightly fight over
the social welfare payments result in hurt women - resulting in even
greater cost to Government in additional health and social welfare
resources required to be utilised.

If the system could somehow be a trading system where - beer coupons
were issued dollar for dollar with food purchases - then I would see a
beneficial potential outcome.

Other than that - the PIN number solution is not a solution - it is a
giant media accident waiting to happen.

Persons who have visited and lived in the camps I refer too are aware of
these problems. Most under-nourished and beaten females and children are
never reported to the authorities. 

This card will - without education - will exasberate a situation that
has existed since social welfare payments were made automatic for
indegenous people - making them reliant - not on a weekly paycheck as a
stockman, but on the Government for their fortnightly booze handout.

Sorry folks - I have seen first hand the deterioration of a proud people
through the meddling of social welfare handouts.

I abhor the Governments lack of foresight and long term thinking in
relation to compounding a problem that weekly costs lives.

/End of Tom Koltai Rant.

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