[LINK] Bolton wins, auDA loses, Bottle Doimains lives on (for the moment)

Stewart Carter mail at ecommercereport.com.au
Wed Apr 22 13:42:59 AEST 2009



I was sitting in Court 3 of the old High Court in Melbourne this morning. 


That's how I know the Supreme Court of Victoria has confirmed an injunction
won by Nick Bolton (of BrisConnections fame) allowing one of his five
Internet domain name  businesses - Bottle Domains - to continue registering
Au domain names.


Industry regulator - auDA Ltd - had terminated Bottle's accreditation last
week, following revelations of a major security breach at Bottle.


But Bolton immediately sought, and was granted, an emergency injunction by
the Court.


At todays hearing the Court confirmed that the injunction should stand, at
least until a full trial later this year.


The decision raises some questions about the future of auDA. 






Stewart Carter



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