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> OK, it's not "Australian", so there's some minor political 
> mileage to  
> the gained there. But also not "Australian" are the processor and  
> memory chips of every computer we use to play this little 
> game called  
> "Internet". Such is our nation: we sell steel and buy cars, we sell  
> wool and buy suits.
> Stil

Gee, next minute the band will play Australian Fair and public will hail
the conquering hero.....

That's it Still, tell 'em. Buy Australian ya mugs!

Actually - he raises a very good point.Every dollar that we spend on
overseas goods costs us five dollars.
Had we spent the five dollars producing the goods here - instead of on
foregn exchange bridging, floating, hedging and sponsoring, our economy
would actually quadrupple.

Years ago the Northern Territory Government tried really hard tyo get a
processor assembly plant (Malaysian) installed in its trade free zone...
Then they said - however - Government (ready taxpayer payments to
foreign company) incentives only apply if you export all of your


The vagaries of government. Obviously the benefit of saying - we have
leased all of our buildings in the trade dev zone and increased our
international exports by .00035% far outweigh the importance of All
australian PC's are now made in australia and we have saved 23% of our
international import bill.


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