[LINK] Bolton wins, auDA loses, Bottle Doimains lives on (for the moment)

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Martin Barry wrote:
> $quoted_author = "Darrell Burkey" ;
>> On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 13:42, Stewart Carter wrote:
>>> The decision raises some questions about the future of auDA. 
>> I think it's a bit premature to imply things about the future of auDA.
> Actually, the delays being introduced by the court proceedings means that
> Bottle can continue to operate for quite some time before this is finalised.
> I think it would be better for all parties if there was a path to a quick
> conclusion so either:
> a) Bottle is vindicated and the rot instilled in their customer base stops
> b) auDa is vindicated and a dodgy operator is shut down in a timely fashion

I guess that is the difference between a legislated government authority (eg
ACMA, ACCC) and an industry self regulator (eg auDA, TIO).

Though ASIC still seems to go through the court system.
> What's new
> # Sydney man jailed for contempt of court
> The Supreme Court of NSW today sentenced Mr Stephen Lewis Matthews of West Pymble, Sydney, to six months imprisonment for contempt of court. 21 Apr
> # Former Victorian directors sentenced
> ASIC noted the sentencing of former ACIL Tasman Pty Ltd (ACIL Tasman) directors, Messrs Jeffrey Regan Rae and Charles Nicholas Morris in the Victorian County Court. 21 Apr
> # Federal Court makes orders in ASIC proceedings to wind-up Melbourne based Blackknight Pty Ltd and Metro Excavators Pty Ltd

Alternatives mediation or arbitration though a Tribunal.  (I once had to go to 
the Rent Tribunal to get my Bond back - the parties have to represent themselves).

A little about Mediation here:

  The Internet Filter blacklist and its implementation is a pandora's box.

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