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The Film Studio's and P2P - And Now a Word from the Indie Department

In the beginning were the shorts, black and white flickering images that
were initially shown as part of vaudeville shows, fairgrounds or
carnivals. Audiences soon needed larger theaters to watch screens with
projected images from Vitascopes after the turn of the century, using
opera houses, music halls and converted churches that showed silent
one-reeler's  (a 10-12 minute reel - projector's capacity at the time).

Most of the early one reelers were comedy oriented. That is until 1906,
when an Australian, Charles Tait made a full movie length consisting of
five reels entitled the Story of the Kelly Gang.

In 1907, it became the first movie ever made to earn "international box
office" when it was displayed in England.

And of course - as with all new technology, the Government had to get
involved in the new medium because of the films plot that depicted the
Kelly's as heroes and the police as the enemy.

(Not much change over the course of a hundred years or so..J)

So of course, this led to the movie being the first officially censored
film in Australia when the Victorian Chief Secretary banned it from
screening in the Kelly's hometown area of Glenrowan, Benalla and
Wangaratta. Later, in 1912 the Victorian Government banned the screening
of a revised version of the film throughout the state.

That was the interesting part.... KPP (Koltai Political Pontification)
and various facts about Hollywwod profitability And - what independent
film producers think of the Pirate Bay verdict.

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