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> Google News Timeline: A Glorious, Intriguing Time Sink
> Edward N. Albro
> Got a deadline anytime in the next 24 hours? Then don't, for your  
> own good, check out Google News Timeline. This new Google Labs  
> feature, which organizes news stories and other information by date,  
> looks to be the biggest, funnest time waster since we all spent  
> hours exploring the globe with Google Earth.
> News Timeline is mostly a new way to look at the same material that  
> you can find through Google News Search. The Google engineer who  
> built it, Andy Hertzfeld, says he was inspired by Google Maps, but  
> instead of letting people navigate through space, he wanted to let  
> them navigate through time. So if you want to see all the news  
> reported about HP in April of 2007, for instance, that's easy to do:  
> you type HP into the search field and set the date for April 2007.  
> When you get is a grid that shows stories about HP arranged in  
> columns, one column for each week of the month.
> But that's kid's stuff. In addition to searching the Google News  
> database, you can search through content from specific blogs,  
> magazines and newspapers. You can look only for news photos or  
> videos. Or you can search for sports scores or information on movies  
> and books. Want a blow-by-blow account of the year 1424? You can get  
> it through Google's connection to Wikipedia.


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