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cool! Year view is interesting. You can see all the covers of US Time Magazine.

I've seen better history outlines, though.
http://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n2/History_n2/a.html is amazing.
http://www.historymole.com/ is ok, but limits the number of queries 
for free per day


That is pretty amazing. The colour limiter is fun, too. Say look at 
Salvidore Dali paintings, then select blue. Would help with the 'pink 
bits' searching. Then I applied it to the Shopping category. If this 
system is implemented fully, shopping would be a great use for 
someone who needs some piece of clothing in a particular color. I 
found an anomaly, though, when I looked at evening gowns and asked 
for black. A pink dress showed up because the image was mostly black 

With art works and some photographs, of course, they aren't 
'similar', so if anyone wanted to find a google indexed version of 
ones artwork, they could use this tool to do so.


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