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Difficult to say, Roger: my son has been waiting more than 6 weeks to  
transfer his complete internet and phone connection from one ISP to  
another, and has so far had to spend a full 4 individual days waiting  
at home for a technician to 'check the line and link' (and to be told  
at the end of the day that a technician isn't available) - I'd regard  
HIS complaint as a far more valid reason to complain, but to whom,  

He is having to deal with his current ISP, his proposed ISP, and  
Telstra (who maddeningly have to be involved in the transaction since  
he is moving to naked DSL - it's a very, very long story...)

But in your case: maybe browse whirlpool.net for further war stories  
and help?

ps. Are you referring to TPGI by any chance?


On 25/04/2009, at 8:10 PM, Roger Clarke wrote:

> I'd appreciate linker's thoughts on this one.
> __________________
> A retail ISP works closely with a wholesale ISP.
> The retail ISP suffers a denial of service attack.
> It occurs outside 'normal business hours', say 21:30 Friday night.
> The retail ISP detects the problem and notifies the wholesale ISP.
> The wholesale ISP says that it's too late at night and none of their
> technicians are willing to come out and fix it.
> __________________
> I've anonymised the 'wholesale ISP'.
> But, on my limited knowledge of the matter, it very much appears to
> me that the wholesale ISP has fallen far short of acceptable
> standards.
> I'm inclined to name the company publicly.
> Things that might make me change my mind include the following:
> -   the wholesale ISP acknowledges that its performance was inadequate
>     and agrees that the retail ISP can communicate that to its clients
> -   the wholesale ISP adjusts its SLA with the retail ISP to reflect
>     the level of service expected of a serious infrastructure provider
> -   linkers explain to me that I'm misunderstanding something about
>     how a mature, multi-level Internet industry works
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