[LINK] Cybersecurity Act of 2009

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Mon Apr 27 10:42:27 AEST 2009

This is three weeks old - but appears to have slipped through the chinks
at Link.
Possibly because it has absolutely no chance of being enacted. Then

Senator Jay Rockefeller is sponsoring a new bill...... 773.

Draft Legislation here -->http://cdt.org/security/CYBERSEC4.pdf

It's a doozy. With justification wording like:
(10) According to the National Journal, Mike
 McConnell, the former Director of National Intel
ligence, told President Bush in May 2007 that if the
 9/11 attackers had chosen computers instead of air
planes as their weapons and had waged a massive
 assault on a U.S. bank, the economic consequences
 would have been ''an order of magnitude greater''
 than those cased by the physical attack on the
 World Trade Center. Mike McConnell has subse
quently referred to cybersecurity as the ''soft under
belly of this country.''
My take on this is - gee, you mean the cyber terrorists would have been
more successful than Lehman Bros or the AIG?
Wow - that would have been hard.

Justification here -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCkCWxv3kUE

My answer is - Defense Department - switch to Internet 2 or in the

(This works for me - and I receive about 1 attack every 6 seconds)
Set your edge routers to "Deny all"
The encrypt each hard-disk, set all internal attachments on outward
going emails to encryption = 1024.

Then - can you spell encrypted PVC?

I don't actually understand the problem.

But the americans are sure getting all het up about it - so - we might
see a similar attempt in australia soon.


I wrote one of my deep and meaningful articles about sheep farming not
long ago.
Lets hope someone in Government read it. But if not.... Here's the
Sheep with twitter are harder to control than sheep who read dead trees.

Hey American Politicians - How about forgetting about beating up the
internet, how about forgetting about blaming P2P'ers for every little
thing, how about - just cleaning up your own back yard first......
Nationalise the banks, Sack all the bankers, put in a Department of
loans approval and get the country rolling.

Yeah - that'll happen.....

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