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> For a while now we've been getting odd phone calls - landline, not 
> mobile. They seem to come in batches - we'll get a few, then 
> none. There 
> are two specific calls, both clearly recordings.
> One is quite quiet and garbled, but ends with something like 
> "How about 
> a massage?" (It doesn't sound anything like an add for sex services - 
> it's a male voice without any hint of the risque.
> The second is a female voice. The recording is designed to sound like 
> she can't hear you. It's one of those "Hello?",,,"Hello" 
> things. How do 
> I know it's a recording and not a genuine caller who simply 
> can't hear 
> the replies? I've had it several times, and the pattern becomes 
> detectable - it's the same thing every time.
> The accents in both are definitely Australian.
> Does anyone have the faintest clue what this could be about?
> Cheers,
> Fred

Just a guess Fred, but in the 80's it was a popular pastime in the
United states (free local calls) for young people with time on their
hands - purchase a "demon dialer" box and "test" all the exchange

Possibly you are the victim of the new milleniums version..... Demon
dial number - if human picks up record number in telesales database. If
modem or fax answers - drop number form database.

Then the perpetrator could claim to have a guaranteed human response
database for telesales organisations.


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