[LINK] Odd phone calss

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Mon Apr 27 19:22:36 AEST 2009

Tom Koltai wrote:

> Just a guess Fred, but in the 80's it was a popular pastime in the
> United states (free local calls) for young people with time on their
> hands - purchase a "demon dialer" box and "test" all the exchange
> numbers.
> Possibly you are the victim of the new milleniums version..... Demon
> dial number - if human picks up record number in telesales database. If
> modem or fax answers - drop number form database.
> Then the perpetrator could claim to have a guaranteed human response
> database for telesales organisations.

Thanks Tom - that makes sense. I've been trying to work out how anyone 
could make money from it.


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