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At 10:44 PM 28/04/2009, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>Roger, is this information current? It appears written three years ago,
>at the start of their trial. For one eg it is currently clearly opt-in.

It's not. Even the info you provided showed that:

Taking part

The decision to remain in the Healthelink program is up to the individual.

To give individual's time to decide, there is a 30 day cooling off 
period before their record is made available to health care providers.

If the individual does nothing, their record will be available for 
their health care providers to view, after 30 days.

Individuals can withdraw from Healthelink at any time by contacting 
the Healthelink Service Centre. Once an individual has withdrawn from 
Healthelink no additional information will be added to their record 
and it will not be available to view by any health care provider.

Note that if you do nothing, you're in. Most of their numbers of 
'enrolments' are based on people who don't bother to exercise their 
rights to not participate. That is "opt out" by anyone's measure. And 
we're talking UNDER 15 years and OVER 65.


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