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Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> Stephen Wilson wrote:
>> This is starting to look like a showy parlour game: Who can come up with 
>> the most problems in EHR?  So EHR is a hard problem.  A very very very 
>> hard problem.  So what?
>> How do you propose to advance?  Do you propose to advance at all?
> I propose that we do advance and that we do it in limited stages, 
> through small steps, trial and error and forget any thoughts of building 
> a large complex system with many variables, constraints and vested 
> interests in one go.
> It's called evolution.

Well it certainly is an erosion of Medibank - though Dr Frankenstein rather than 
Darwin comes to my mind.

> Medicare - Background Brief
> E-Brief: Online Only issued 9 May 2003; last updated 29 October 2004
> Amanda Biggs, Information/E-links
> Social Policy Section
> This e-brief provides an introductory background to Medicare, describes the current system and its history and early development as Medibank, and outlines recently proposed changes.
> What is Medicare
> Medicare is the Commonwealth funded health insurance scheme that provides free or subsidised health care services to the Australian population. It provides free hospital services for public patients in public hospitals through the Australian Health Care agreements with the States, subsidises private patients for hospital services (75 per cent of the Schedule fee) and provides benefits for out-of-hospital medical services such as consultations with GPs or specialists (85 per cent of the Schedule fee).
> top
> History
> Medibank is Introduced
> Following mounting dissatisfaction with the existing voluntary health insurance scheme, major changes to Australia's health care system were introduced by the newly elected Whitlam Labor Government. Medibank commenced on 1 July 1975 after the passing of the Medibank legislation by a joint sitting of Parliament on 7 August 1974. The Health Insurance Bill 1973 was the main bill that established Medibank, however there were also several accompanying bills, including the Health Insurance Commission Bill 1973. The Health Insurance Bill 1973 and the accompanying bills were rejected by the Senate on three occasions (12 December 1973, 2 April 1974 and 18 July 1974) but were subsequently passed at a joint sitting of both Houses (7 August 1974) following a double dissolution election.
> Original Purpose

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