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> ACCC rejects Telstra appeal
> Mitchell Bingemann | April 29, 2009 
> http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/0,24897,25403127-153
> 06,00.html
> THE competition watchdog has rejected a final appeal from Telstra to 
> charge its rivals $30 a month to use the telco's last mile 
> copper network.

At last - the barrier that was errected in 1996, with the approbation of
Optus - has finally been removed.
Australia can now try to catch up the lost IT years.

Although I doubt that Australia will be cabable of overcoming the
residue fallout of past Monopoly Telecommunications caused financial
failures (bankruptcies, corporate failures, unemployment) or the
resulting social civilian casualties.

Possibly the new FTTH will go someway towards ameliorating the financial
and social mess this country finds itself in all in the name of
protecting the sacred cows share price.   

But I doubt it.

> A Telstra spokesperson said the company was considering the decision. 

Koltai vitriolic follows - turn away now if bad manners offends.

Suck eggs! There's nothing to consider. Although shorting Telstra after
May 4th would be interesting bet, for those amongst you that follow the

Obviously - I havent really learned my lesson yet. Still a bit of life
left in me.....


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