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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Apr 30 20:35:02 AEST 2009

One wants to say thanks very much indeed to the numbers of Linkers whom
responded, both on and off-list, in a quest for a faster alternative to 
dial-up here in a sort-of-sticks Aussie location. Sincerely appreciated.

Especially, i want to thank Phillip Musumeci, <pmusumeci at gmail.com> for
his way-above-and-beyond assistance. As well as free professional-level
consultations involving numbers of emails, arrangements for coffee, and
simply good all-round advice plus moral support .. Phillip also offered 
free (and expensive!) hardware, and even needed arm twisting re postage.

Phillip even needed urging to get him to allow this Link-email thanks :)

As it happens, we missed out by two months, as Telstra does not offer a
home ISDN service anymore. But his offers of assistance to this country 
Linker were immediate, tangible, and certainly professional level. Plus,
gratis, and even leaving him slightly out-of-pocket if he sent the card.

Plus he was not the only one, by any means. Quite simply, the levels of
care and concern for a somewhat geographically digitally dis-advantaged
Aussie regarding access, which was shown by the Link community recently,
has been literally incredible. And, Linkers, despite the differences of
opinion, debate, arguments and sometime plain abuse :) do be aware that
(as many are probably already aware) your typical Aussie spirit is most 
definitely very much alive and well, within this the ANU Link community.

Sincerely, Linkers, thank you ..


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