[LINK] Filtering in Oz: Australia's Foray into Internet Censorship

David Goldstein wavey_one at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 14:11:43 AEDT 2009

Hi all,

A paper this is quite relevant given the current debate. And just so Irene can rediscover my website, and then abuse me for some trivial issue again because she will invent one, the link is via my website! After all, I don't want to be accused of "hiding" my website or anything of the like.


Filtering in Oz: Australia's Foray into Internet Censorship by Derek E. Bambauer [Brooklyn Law School, Legal Studies Paper]
Abstract: Australia's decision to implement Internet censorship using technological means creates a natural experiment: the first Western democracy to mandate filtering legislatively, and to retrofit it to a decentralized network architecture. But are the proposed restrictions legitimate?

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