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At 10:08 AM 5/01/2009, I sent/[wrote]:
>>The Australian Federal Police announced recently it would also 
>>intensify the fight against online criminals, signing a joint 
>>co-operation agreement with Telstra.
>>"Technology-enabled crime is a complex, dynamic environment with 
>>new trends constantly emerging. We must continually look at 
>>improving our methods of detection and prevention," said AFP acting 
>>Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin.
>>[One must wonder what is in that agreement]

A kind reader sent the link to the Telstra media release on this:

Included in part:

The Agreement will set the framework for the AFP and Telstra to work 
even more closely in the area of technology-enabled crime. It will 
assist the AFP in gaining a better understanding of the evolution of 
the telecommunications environment, training and development activities.

Under the Agreement, the cooperation between the AFP and Telstra will 
be focused on:
    * Identity fraud and internet-enabled crime such as Phishing;
    * Online paedophile activity;
    * Child protection and education;
    * Botnet networks and organised crime syndicates;
    * Online terrorism activities;
    * Targeted attacks on public, government and private sector 
computer networks.

Professional development of Telstra and AFP staff and employee 
secondment arrangements will also be undertaken as part of the Agreement.

Mr Winn [Telstra COO] said the AFP had earned an international 
reputation of being at the leading-edge of developments in enhancing 
the capacity of government, business and the community in dealing 
with crime founded in new information and communications technology.

"Telstra enjoys an enduring relationship with the AFP, working 
together to detect and prevent criminal activity. Today's Agreement 
will only serve to heighten that mutual support," he said.

"In recent times, the speed of changes in the information and 
communications technology fields has been nothing short of phenomenal 
and shows no sign of slowing. As a world-leader in communications 
technology, Telstra is well placed in helping to ensure the AFP 
remains at the forefront of global cyber crime developments."

So it looks like an exchange of information.

Will the AFP also be working with other telecom providers?
Has Telstra included a 'commercial in confidence' requirement in the 
agreement to preclude the AFP from any cross-sharing of information 
learned in these exchanges?
Will there be Privacy Impact Assessments on any activity that these 
two come up with to balance the effect of law enforcement against the 
civil rights of the general community?


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