[LINK] FW: Customers Sued for Sharing Access to Website

Sylvano sylvano at gnomon.com.au
Tue Jan 13 09:44:03 AEDT 2009

On Tue, January 13, 2009 9:13 am, Eric Scheid wrote:
>> Customers Sued for Sharing Access to Website
>>    A suit filed by CoStar Realty Information alleges that managers at
>> New
>> York's Dumann Realty illegally accessed CoStar's Web site, a
>> subscription to
>> which costs hundreds of dollars a month and provides clients with real
>> estate
>> information such as photos and vacancy databases, by borrowing another
>> customer's user information. CoStar is accusing Dumann, as well as the
>> alleged
>> co-conspirators who lent it the account, of copyright infringement.
>> http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1202427107316
> copyright infringement?!?

One need not agree with to it, but it is in line with legal "realities"
regarding the unauthorised access to subscription television services....

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