[LINK] History of the CD Re: creatives angry about copyrestricted DVDs

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Wed Jan 14 11:06:41 AEDT 2009

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> Finally, please don't get me started on various photo booth type companies which
> forget to do useful things like -finish- the burn cycle correctly so your CD-R can
> be read by various OSes, rather than just the XP install they tested on. :)
> I think you're probably clouded by the fact that CD market penetration is still
> so high, companies have a vested interest in making their current generation stuff
> handle all the older variants in format and media, versus being forward
> compatible (ie, sticking 100% to the spec and testing on older devices.)
> 2c, thanking ${DIETY} he doesn't have to deal with this anymore,

Don't mean to get you started, but my positive experience with Photos on CD is 
just a few days old.

The photos in question are super high resolution each around 4MB of JPEG! The CD 
was made on what I guess was a laptop running on XP and I could read them fine 
on my Laptop running 4 year old linux! The CD also worked well for a slide show 
on a giant monitor connected to a PC!

I have also played with Ogg on CD. But Ogg has acheived the market penetration.

True USB and Flash storage seems to be as interoperable but is also rewritable.

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