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Birch Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Wed Jan 14 14:14:12 AEDT 2009

from Ivan Trundle:

On 13/01/2009, at 10:24 AM, David Lochrin wrote:

>> I'm with you in the "loss of mind" view. I'm fairly alarmed at the
>> general trend to replace responsibility and capability with  
>> technology
>> and dependency...

>But on the other hand, the loss of mind for all things technological  
>allows the rest of the mind to focus on the important things in life.

When the spear was invented people probably forgot how to wrestle
gazelles to the ground.  There is probably a web course on this
somewhere if you feel the need to revive your skills in this area.

Socrates, who it is believed was illiterate, considered that the new
fangled practice of writing things down (in the revolutionary new
phoneme Greek alphabet) would produce a weakening of memory function and
an incapacity to produce morally balanced arguments.  If you have a look
at what gets written down you might think there was something in this.
Anyway, we know what Socrates thought because his pupil, Plato, wrote it
down.  Plato's pupil Socrates grew up in a world of written language.

In one of Asimov's books I recall someone feeling a mixture of horror
and disgust at the idea of someone driving a vehicle on a public road
under manual control. I don't think the GPS was an issue.

Jim Birch


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