[LINK] Phone firms told to stop being pests

Eric Scheid eric.scheid at ironclad.net.au
Sat Jan 17 11:01:44 AEDT 2009

Two days ago I got an unsolicited call from a major vendor in the industry I
practice, asking some questions about that industry. In no way was it
pitching a particular product or plan - the questions were like "what do you
see the current issues are doing X", "what platform or tools do you
currently use". Yes, they do have a particular product, on a particular
platform, and obviously this is research that would help them tune and
adjust it (or at least the marketing of it).

I only mention this because it's the first "telemarketing" call I've had in
over a year. I'm not on any National Do Not Call list, I've not played any
reindeer games with callers, I've not gone nuclear on any hapless underpaid

Maybe it's a karma thing =P


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