[LINK] ICT Predictions 2009 - little OT (gov't reports example)

Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Mon Jan 19 08:24:46 AEDT 2009

On 19/01/2009, at 8:04 AM, Tom Worthington wrote:
> Unfortunately, providing access to information does not seem to be a
> priority for most agencies. The emphasis seems to be on having an
> impressive looking printed report, even though that is of little
> practical value.

Oh, but the impressive annual report is of IMMENSE practical value:  
it's the key object produced by the agency which will be distributed  
to all MPs. For many of them it'll be the only document about the  
agency which they ever see -- except those awful, awful news stories.  
As a result, it must be impressive to justify and maintain the  
agency's funding, if not increase it.

Conversely, "providing access to information" is, practically  
speaking, a drawback. The MPs don't use computers, so they'll never  
see it. Meanwhile troublemakers like Opposition staffers, journalists  
and lobbyists will be able to dig down and see how shoddy everything  
really is and start pointing it out. Ordinary citizens will start  
asking questions or demanding that their entitlements be granted --  
and that just increases the agency's workload.

You have so much to learn, Tom... ;)


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