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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Mon Jan 19 10:04:23 AEDT 2009

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 10:56 AM 17/01/2009, David Boxall wrote:
>> Could give the shortcomings of GPS navigation software new
>> significance.  Not to mention the Blue Screen of Death.
> LOL - I can see it now.
> 'Believe me, officer. It was working just fine, I was doing the 
> crossword, then -- bingo! Vista just cut out. Blame Bill Gates.'

Yesterday, as a navigating passenger, I put a Navman to the test. I should 
mention that as a driver I don't cope well with human navigators.

The test, was a well travelled route, for me but not the driver, between Sydney 
and Canberra. The Navman had delivered the driver, but not from the direction I 
would have expectied.

It found the destination address, once it was told that the Canberra street was 
in the ACT not NSW.  So, we set off.

I overrode the Navman's instructions from the very start of the journey and 
several times on the way to the M5. The Navman was well natured and adjusted to 
the new co-ordinates and continued to provide instructions towards the 
destination.  It also beeped occasionally to warn the driver that the area was 
monitored by a speed camera.

However, I was surprised it did not have solar cells on the back and had to be 
recharged of the cigarette lighter, which in this particular vehicle was 
awkardly positioned in the compartment between the front seats. This 
necessitated a cable running across the passenger. The charger didn't seem to be 
working and after a warning about a low battery, the Navman cut out at the start 
of the freeway before Campbell Town :-(

This was a bit like the experience I had with a mobile phone when they first 
came out.  Normally, I would have scheduled a meeting time and place, but 
instead I said I would call on approach. Ofcourse we went into a black spot 
between Sydney and Gosford and the result was several hours lost trying to 

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