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David Lochrin dlochrin at d2.net.au
Tue Jan 20 10:47:09 AEDT 2009

On Monday 19 January 2009 10:04, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> I overrode the Navman's instructions from the very start 
> of the journey and several times on the way to the M5.

Re a similar technology, I now always double check <whereis.com.au> directions by reference to the road map (preferably Google Maps :-).  And I don't understand why this application seems so prone to give less than best route - is it the map data or the algorithm?

For example, it gives the best route from Annandale (NSW) to Mittagong as:

1.Continue on View St, Annandale - head towards The CrescentTravel 0.2km (26sec)
2.Bear left at The Crescent, AnnandaleTravel 1.1km (1min)
3.Continue along Western Distributor Fwy, RozelleTravel 2km (1min)
4.Continue along Cross City Tunnel, PyrmontTravel 1.4km (1min)
5.Continue along Eastern Distributor Mwy Exit, SydneyTravel 49m (2sec)
6.Continue along Eastern Distributor Mwy, SydneyTravel 4.4km (3min)
7.Continue along South Dowling St, KensingtonTravel 0.4km (20sec)
8.Continue along Southern Cross Dr, KensingtonTravel 5.4km (4min)
9.Continue along General Holmes Dr, BotanyTravel 1.5km (55sec)
10.Continue along M5 East Fwy, MascotTravel 9km (7min)

However I travel back & forth between Annandale to Mittagong very frequently, and a far better way is to go along Parramatta Road, left at Old Cantebury Road, left at Bexley Road, then on to the freeway.  This misses the disaster zone around the airport tunnel and is far cheaper, easier, and quicker, even when the airport tunnel isn't gridlocked.


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