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Virgin Blue in court over website


Melissa Singer

January 19, 2009 - 12:13PM

A Brisbane man is taking budget airline Virgin Blue to court over 
claims its website unfairly discriminates against people with visual 

Les Kerr, 53, has been visually impaired since contracting an 
"aggressive glaucoma" about three years ago. He also has suffered a 
loss of mobility in his fingers through an unrelated illness.

Mr Kerr, of Wooloowin, said he had logged on to more than 30,000 
websites to test their accessibility for people with vision impairments.

He said Virgin Blue's website, with its use of light grey on a white 
background and difficulty in enlarging the text without distorting 
the page, was especially difficult for him to use.

"Most websites, if they are not coded properly, you can't enlarge 
them," he said.

Mr Kerr said "99 per cent" of other websites he checked also posed 
problems for visually-impaired people.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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