[LINK] accessibility law suit

Eric Scheid eric.scheid at ironclad.net.au
Tue Jan 20 15:27:42 AEDT 2009

On 20/1/09 10:14 AM, "Birch Jim" <Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au> wrote:

> These an interesting article on Coding Horror about the benefit of
> Firefox 3 zoom over other browsers font sizing.  Interesting to me
> anyway, since I didn't know this change had occurred.  FF3 bumps the
> size of all elements - fonts, graphics, floats, etc - with the Ctrl+
> Ctrl- Ctrl0 keys.  This actually works pretty well with modern websites
> unlike the old font size shifts that produce a garbled page within a
> couple of controlplusses.
> Maybe Mr Kerr needs to move to FF3.

or switch to a platform that provides that facility at the OS level,
available and useful in all applications.


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