[LINK] Race is on for carbon offset work

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
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At the risk of being boringly repetitive, I ask again if anyone has
completed a CDM process from beginning to approval ?

Transport/cyle path/pedestrian walkway would be handy.

Folks - I am now getting edgy... Would rather not go offshore to hire
what is needed.

Would be pleased to hear from people off list.


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> The story so far...
> The Federal Government decided to review its procurement, so 
> it did the 
> Gershon review.
> While the review was happening, all major/new IT projects 
> were on hold 
> until the Feds puts some of the Gershon recommendations in place.
> Because of the hold, for the first half of Fin Year 2008/09 
> the rate of 
> IT spend in Canberra has been well down on plan.
> In the next month or so the hold will come off and 
> departments will be 
> panicking to spend at about twice the rate so far this Fin 
> Year just to 
> spend their budgets and meet their project deadlines.
> Because there are limited IT resources in Canberra (and fewer now 
> because of the hold) the spend rate will be restricted.
> This means the government will find it difficult to meet its 
> objectives. 
> It will have to rush projects, which will cost more because resources 
> will be scarce and/or have to be flown in.
> In short ... SNAFU.
> Now read on and have a laugh.
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> Race is on for carbon offset work
> Karen Dearne
> January 20, 2009
> The Australian IT 
> http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/0,24897,24934753-153
> 06,00.html
> AT least 20 new IT projects potentially worth millions of 
> dollars are on 
> the table as the Department of Climate Change prepares for online 
> trading of emissions permits and establishes an environmental 
> watchdog 
> agency with responsibility for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.
> Tenders for the CPRS auction platform and architecture, systems 
> integration, financial management, identity/access, business 
> intelligence systems, web portal design and hosting services will be 
> announced as soon as this month.
> "Our overall procurement strategy is still being developed, but the 
> design and build will be co-ordinated within the department, using a 
> range of suppliers," department spokeswoman Vicki Kapernick 
> said. "The 
> projects just listed on our procurement plan are an indication of the 
> work likely to be undertaken in preparation for the 
> establishment of the 
> CPRS and the regulator."
> The new agency, the Australian Climate Change Regulatory 
> Authority, will 
> assess organisations' liability under the National Greenhouse 
> and Energy 
> Reporting Act, enforce compliance and manage the auction or 
> allocation 
> of permits, including collection of revenue.
> The Kyoto-compliant national emissions registry completed just before 
> Christmas represented the first phase of the CPRS system, Ms 
> Kapernick said.
> US-based environmental consultant Perrin Quarles Associates, 
> along with 
> local companies Strategic Data Management and AussieHQ, won a 
> $600,000 
> contract to supply the registry, which is linked to the UN 
> International 
> Transactions Log.
> Countries signing up to the Kyoto Protocol are assigned a number of 
> carbon emission units, and must set up a registry to track and record 
> all trades.
> Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong said having the 
> trading registry 
> operating "was an important milestone".
> "We need these units to meet the target of limiting our 
> average annual 
> emissions over the period 2008-12 to 108 per cent of 1990 levels," 
> Senator Wong said.
> The registry will now be further developed to support the 
> introduction 
> of the CPRS by July 1 next year.
> Ms Kapernick said a healthy response to the first tender indicated a 
> number of companies were likely to bid for this work.
> Some $37 million over four years was allocated for the creation of an 
> emissions trading scheme in the last budget, but Ms Kapernick 
> said the 
> new projects related to the regulator's office, announced last month.
> "Obviously, a lot of detail is yet to be worked out."
> The department has to provide an IT infrastructure before the 
> authority's establishment through passage of the scheme's enabling 
> legislation.
> Final costs for the scheme will be published in the 2009-10 
> federal budget.
> Meanwhile, decisions on contracts for a call centre and 
> future support 
> of the department's main business interface, the Online System for 
> Comprehensive Activity Reporting, are expected early this year.
> Data from OSCAR and, eventually, the CPRS, will be fed into 
> the National 
> Greenhouse Energy Reporting System, which is being expanded to handle 
> increased mandatory reporting.
> Businesses can hope for a reduction in red tape, with the department 
> developing standard approaches to energy data sets.
> A spokeswoman for Senator Wong said industry reporting 
> requirements were 
> being considered by federal, state and territory governments, 
> with some 
> "positive outcomes" expected by mid-year.
> "Streamlining federal programs has already commenced," she said. 
> "Legislation under the Energy Efficiency Opportunities 
> program has been 
> aligned with the new NGERS. From July 1, corporations will 
> only have to 
> submit data once through a single IT reporting system to cover both 
> reporting obligations."
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